Beta test DESGui v1.3 for me

Randy Weems (
Thu, 22 May 1997 14:35:04 PDT

Beta 1 of DESGui v1.3 is now available. If you'd like
to help me test it, it's available at...

Bear in mind, this is a beta version and it hasn't
had much testing yet. V1.2 is still the official
current release. If want something that's been proven
to be pretty reliable, stick with v1.2 at...

Here's what's changed...

V1.3 - Hot-key, and more.
* The application no longer requires that Dial-up Networking be
installed! Now you just canít use the Auto-Connect feature unless
it is.
* Ctrl+Shift+F12 Hot key added, especially for NT3.51 users since
there is no icon tray.
* Thread priority slider added, so you can increase the CPU cycles
allocated to cracking DES.
* The Disconnect after XX minutes and Reconnect after XX minutes
fields were added.
* The Introduction was rewritten.
* There was a problem with hanging up after a reconnection if your
Dial-Up connection was dropped.

Randy Weems

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