Is this normal ?

Samuel Adams (
Thu, 22 May 1997 17:47:12 -0500

Samuel Adams
05/22/97 05:47 PM

I actually have several questions about Deschal5.exe

(I just learned about this yesterday) so forgive the ignorance.


I have a intel pent-133, running win95, I use a dos bat file call
d.bat that runs this command>>> deschal5

while nothing else is running on the system...

It downloads the first set of numbers and crunches them out in 12 or 13
the next set take 200+ seconds then next 800+ seconds then 5000+ seconds
and so on. (that is as far as I got since I lost my internet connection)

Does this sound correct??? or do I have a problem?


I am also in need of a workaround for windows 95/NT, for a firewall.
If I had this I could setup several dz machines hammering away.

I have a AIX 4.x machine behind the firewall, but i'm not much on unix
and I get this err msg when I try to run the edited perl script.

$ perl /tmp/
Can't locate in @INC at /tmp/ line 24.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /tmp/ line 24.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It dies at this point >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
require 5.003;
use strict; <<<<<<<<<<<<<<Dies
BEGIN { $ENV{PATH} = '/usr/ucb:/bin' }
#use lib "/i/put/a/module/someplace/weird";
Thanks in advance...