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Curt Howland (
Thu, 22 May 97 16:42:09 PST8PDT

>Ya: I don't know enough about WinD'OH!s internals to know *why*, but NT is
>missing fork(), one of the fundamental constructs of Unix architecture.

The marketing drive to "Run Your Entire Network On Windows NT"
is driving me nuts, for yours and other shortcomings of NT that
marketing and "management" just don't seem to grasp. Things like
dynamic routing...

Anyway, on to my question:

>Do you have the option of running Linux on one of your machines?

I'm presently recycling a PC to run Linux, restricted by
economics to a 386. I note that none of the precompiled
DESCHALL processors are built for Linux on the 386. I can't
be the only processor-challanged dweeb around, does such a
build exist? Or for Loose95 on a 386 for that matter, since
that's its present incarnation.


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