Re: Is this normal ?

Arvin Meyer (
Thu, 22 May 1997 19:59:39 -0400


I have a 200MHz P5 machine and the numbers, although faster, are
comparable. The faster earlier times result from lower level computations
2^22, 2^24, etc. The longer one is 2^30 which is 1,073,741,824 calculated
key pairs! That's over 214,000 calculations per second, pretty quick don't
you think?

My times have been ranging from 2140 secs. to 2860 secs. depending upon
what else I'm doing. So I'm averaging double the above numbers.

I saw a post from a MAC PPC guy who was exalted over far less than that.
Tsk, Tsk. Don't count out Intels yet, we still can do the number crunching.

Arvin Meyer

> I actually have several questions about Deschal5.exe
> (I just learned about this yesterday) so forgive the ignorance.
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> I have a intel pent-133, running win95, I use a dos bat file call
>  d.bat  that runs this command>>> deschal5
> while nothing else is running on the system...
> It downloads the first set of numbers and crunches them out in 12 or 13
> seconds
> the next set take 200+ seconds then next 800+ seconds then 5000+ seconds
> and so on. (that is as far as I got since I lost my internet connection)
> Does this sound correct??? or do I have  a problem?
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