Re: Is this normal ?

andrew meggs (
Thu, 22 May 1997 21:02:02 -0400

>I saw a post from a MAC PPC guy who was exalted over far less than that.
>Tsk, Tsk. Don't count out Intels yet, we still can do the number crunching.

Tsk, tsk yourself. Comparing a low-end Mac to a 200 MHz x86 system isn't a
very fair comparison -- I don't make fun of the guy with the P133. A
comparably clocked PowerPC does around 1140 kkeys/sec, which, while not
64-bit performance, is credibly faster than a P6 at the same speed.

We'll give you guys credit for catching up to our last generation with your
next generation (the Pentium II), but our next generation is only a couple
of months off (seeding now), and then we'll see who's king of the hill.

Any more such comments, and I'll have to go improve the PowerPC client
again. :)

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