Re: Is this normal ?

Arvin Meyer (
Thu, 22 May 1997 22:26:32 -0400

Alright here are some statistics, but I really don't intend to participate
in a "my box is better than your box" contest.

200 MHz P5 Intel Triton III chipset Gigabyte motherboard
512k PB Cache
64 Mb 60ns EDO RAM
4 Mb Swap file 2%usage (msinfo report)

Applications running:
MS Internet Mail (about 9 Mb of e-mail cached)
Access 97 with 2Mb database loaded
(I'm a database programmer)
Access 2.0 with 13 Mb database loaded
Word 97 (40k file loaded)
2 copies of NotePad (about 2k file each)
DESgui 1.2

Average key rate: 1,006,632 keys/sec (From DESgui statistics)

Yesterday, when I was using a dos console, rates were somewhat faster
(about 11%), but I wasn't running Access 2, or Word 97.

My ISP dropped my connection, and I lost 6 hours, so I now am using DESgui,
so that I don't have to stay connected. I figure even with the slower
interface, I'll avoid losing at least 9 of the 11 or so blocks I missed
last night. We'll see how much the speed picks up, when I close everything
down, except Desgui.

Arvin Meyer