Re: Is this normal ?

andrew meggs (
Fri, 23 May 1997 00:22:29 -0400

At 10:26 PM -0400 5/22/97, Arvin Meyer wrote:
>Alright here are some statistics, but I really don't intend to participate
>in a "my box is better than your box" contest.

Oh, come on, you posted full stats down to the size of the file you had
open in Word! Besides, a little friendly competition over who can search
the most keys is going to help everyone.

>200 MHz P5 Intel Triton III chipset Gigabyte motherboard
>Average key rate: 1,006,632 keys/sec (From DESgui statistics)
>Yesterday, when I was using a dos console, rates were somewhat faster
>(about 11%), but I wasn't running Access 2, or Word 97.

Them's fighting words! One more outburst like that, young man, and I'll go
bitslice on your ass. You don't want me to use all those extra registers...


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