Re: what's this "nice" unix thing? I'm a sysadmin...

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Fri, 23 May 1997 13:06:14 -0400 (EDT)

then Dan Oetting's all..

> You could try going straight to the department head and offer to buy the
> unused cycles at your value. Do the math (what is a cpu-day crunching keys
> worth for its contribution to winning the $4000) and take exact change. If
> they have any higher offers for the spare cpu cycles they should take that,
> the University should not be waisting resources.

Is it a waste? Im not a comp or elec eng - how much more POWER does a CPU
use when IDLE vs crunching something like DESCHALL (which I am thinking
doesnt use alot of memory). What other tangible wear comes from using
a CPU instead of leaving it "idle"? Electricity costs, I'll agree.

And, this isnt NCSA where there's a lineup (or is there still one there -
I know Canada sold off alot of its superComputers back when there was still
such a thing, due to lack of use) for cycles. There would be no higher
offers than 0. The place where this was run is where my friend is a student.
Netrek is condoned, but deschall is not?

I spose at least Netrek allows students to relieve stress, deschall does
not. (Tho it has caused me to write some what I think is nifty log
reporting software which I am going to webbify - better than than wasting
time on Quake or Netrek, now isnt it.)

Sides, getting 400kk/s on a 2 CPU sparc is going to help very little
I think. The average return would be vanishingly small. I'll offer this
to them, for use for a month. Less than a cent I think on the return. :)

> As for running 'external' programs, did this department write all of it's
> software from scratch including the operating system and compilers? Are all
> of those microsoft applications personaly signed by Bill Gates? What
> security do they get just because the software comes in a shrink wraped
> box!

Now yer on my side. ;)

Thats one thing that I only 3/4 agree about with hardcore unix gurus -
"You get the source!" or as I cant remember who said it: "Software without
source is just hardware on a cdrom" - as if most people check the source
carefully enuf to find security holes or bugs. As if MOST people can or
have the time. If they could, Windoze wouldnt exist.