RE: win95

Shaun Stuart (
Fri, 23 May 1997 13:20:57 -0400

>From: Arvin Meyer []
>I ran some tests last night and this morning. The 200MHz P5 running =
>DESgui 1.2 ran all night (with nothing else running except the blank =
>saver) and got 2 different time sets:
>2126/2127secs on 2^30 and
>2155/2156secs on 2^30
>I was asleep, and nothing changed at all. There was no pattern to =
>times ran when. I have no explanation for the difference in times. Even =
>power supply on this machine is filtered through a UPC.

If you have Microsoft Office installed this may be the reason. Check =
your Startup group. When you install Office (I think it's Office..maybe =
it's some other MS product), one of the things it installs is a program =
called Fast Find. This indexes the files on your drive so various =
Windows programs can look stuff up faster. It's put in your Startup =
group, but there is never any icon when it's running, so you generally =
don't know it's going. By default it is set to index every four hours. =
It's possible this started running during your second block.