Re: DESCHALL flyers

David E. Eison (
Fri, 23 May 1997 13:34:53 -0400 (EDT)

I had a friend design a flyer here at Georgia Tech, but the main visual
element is a big pixellated "Buzz" (our mascot), so I don't think you'd
want 'em.

I do have a few suggestions for anyone making flyers:

1) Keep the text to a minimum, and in a large font size. Point 'em to
websites if they want to know more.
2) Include the website URL on several tear-off tags along the bottom, like
you see for apartment/car ads and such.
3) Emphasize the personal gain of $4000 with no effort.
4) Also include the other "get-the-government-to-change-their-stupid-
policy" and "don't leave your poor computer all alone wasting its time" or
"give your computer a hobby!" reasons for doing this.
5) *Include the URL for DESGUI, because most people finding this flyer
will need it's improved dial-in capabiilities.*

If anyone wants me to go over a flyer and offer suggestions, attach it in
an email to me (not to the list) and I'll be happy to help.

> order to get this done quickly, we need to KEEP recruiting. I've been
> dinking around with some possible designs for a small ad/notice to be
> printed on standard US-letter paper, that might be suitable for
> parking in libraries, labs, etc. If anyone is inclined, feel free to
> do this, and let me see a copy before it goes out. (I'd like to
> look it over, and put PostScript and PDF versions up on my site so
> people can easily get 'em from the web.)

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