Thanks for all the input, but I have to work now :)

Samuel Adams (
Fri, 23 May 1997 12:38:33 -0500

Samuel Adams
05/23/97 12:38 PM

Wow, I didn't mean to start a flame war about whose OS is better
although it was fun while it lasted :)

I think they each have their own benifits depending on the user.

Since I just started this thing I didn't know that there was that much
difference between 2^^26 and 2^^28 or 2^^30 for that matter.

Anyway, thanks for all the input.

this part is for hallm4 @ who wrote...
where can i get a copy of the desgui?

I downloaded DESGui v1.3 Beta last night and it runs great on my 95 box.
the best feature is I can increase the priority.

Now I can out run all your linux, os/2, solaris, NT 4.x, AIX, IRIX, dos,
boxes together :)

Thanks to rweems @ for putting this program together...

Beta 1 of DESGui v1.3 is now available. If you'd like
to help me test it, it's available at...

Bear in mind, this is a beta version and it hasn't
had much testing yet. V1.2 is still the official
current release. If want something that's been proven
to be pretty reliable, stick with v1.2 at...

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