Re: `nice' issues

Chris Schleicher (
Fri, 23 May 1997 11:24:17 -0700

>at CMU. On IRIX machines, we currently run deschall like
> npri -h 150 deschall
>My understanding is that this puts gives deschall a fixed
>priority level of 150, which means that it will *never*
>use CPU when a normal interactive process needs the CPU.

Not so. (at least on IRIX 6.2; I've yet to try it on 6.3, 6.4). I've
gone even further and tried

npri -n39 -h254 deschall ...

which should be _really_ conservative. Unfortunately, deschall
still keeps significant (read 30% or more) chunks of the CPU even when
other user processes should be getting 100%. Ugh.

>At niceness-level 19, if deschall is competing for CPU with
>a single normal-priority process, most Unix variants will
>give about 5% of the CPU to deschall and 95% to the
>normal-priority process. If there is more than one other
>cpu-bound process, deschall will get even less.

Now if only this were the case on IRIX. :-) Our Solaris boxes
are happily running 24/7 at nice -19 (/usr/bin/nice, that is).

Anyone out there know how to get truly weightless (or at least something
closer to the 95/5 split) processes on IRIX?



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