DESGUI 1.3 and RAS NT 4.0

Randy Weems (
Fri, 23 May 1997 13:55:00 PDT

I received this message this morning; I was wondering if
someone else could verify this for me...

>Great work so far! Just wanted to point out one bug I found regarding
>RAS/Dial Up Networking. I un-installed RAS before I put this beta on,
>since I use the net via ethernet. When the DESGUI app starts, I get the
>following dialog box:
>DESGUI.EXE DLL Initialization Failed
>D:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\rasman.dll failed. The process is terminating abmornally.
>Note that the app continues to run fine after the OK is clicked. The stats
>are still there, and everything else seems to be working great.

So if you have NT 4.0 (or 3.51) and you don't have dial-up
networking installed, try to duplicate this. I'm hoping that
RAS just didn't get completely uninstalled on this machine and
that's what's causing the problem. Otherwise, I'm not sure how
to determine whether or not RAS is installed. I'm doing a
LoadLibrary on RASAPI32.DLL at run-time right now...if it
fails, I assume RAS isn't installed.

Randy Weems

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