RE: DESGUI 1.3 and RAS NT 4.0

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Subject: DESGUI 1.3 and RAS NT 4.0

>I received this message this morning; I was wondering if
>someone else could verify this for me...

>>Great work so far! Just wanted to point out one bug I found
>>RAS/Dial Up Networking. I un-installed RAS before I put this
>beta on,
>>since I use the net via ethernet. When the DESGUI app starts,
>I get the
>>following dialog box:
>>DESGUI.EXE DLL Initialization Failed
>>D:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\rasman.dll failed. The process is
>terminating abmornally.
>>Note that the app continues to run fine after the OK is
>clicked. The stats
>>are still there, and everything else seems to be working

>So if you have NT 4.0 (or 3.51) and you don't have dial-up
>networking installed, try to duplicate this. I'm hoping that
>RAS just didn't get completely uninstalled on this machine and
>that's what's causing the problem. Otherwise, I'm not sure how
>to determine whether or not RAS is installed. I'm doing a
>LoadLibrary on RASAPI32.DLL at run-time right now...if it
>fails, I assume RAS isn't installed.

I'm running DESGui on NT Workstation 4.0 w/ Service Pack 2
with no RAS installed, and have no such problem. Thanks for the
fantastic software--it's going to let us put the business
department's wintel machines back on the project, now that we
won't have business students complaining about "that dumb
program that won't exit when I log out."

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