Re: DESGUI 1.3 and RAS NT 4.0

Arvin Meyer (
Fri, 23 May 1997 21:58:32 -0400

> >DESGUI.EXE DLL Initialization Failed
> >D:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\rasman.dll failed. The process is terminating
> >
> >Note that the app continues to run fine after the OK is clicked. The
> >are still there, and everything else seems to be working great.
> So if you have NT 4.0 (or 3.51) and you don't have dial-up
> networking installed, try to duplicate this. I'm hoping that
> RAS just didn't get completely uninstalled on this machine and
> that's what's causing the problem.
Randy, you are close in your guess. When RAS is set up, it is started as a
service. More than likely the service is set to "automatic", that is, it is
set to start at logon. (That's because you can logon with a dial up) The
registry settings would not be changed by uninstalling; that would have to
be configured.

In Control Panel, choose Services....verify that it is set to start
automatically, then click on it, click the "Startup" button and choose
"Manual". That should fix it.


Arvin Meyer