Re: u2t gateway and non-anonymity

Karl J. Runge (
Fri, 23 May 1997 19:10:09 -0700

On Fri, 23 May 1997, John Falkenthal <> wrote:
> I am running lots of clients, across several different internal networks,
> all of which are behind a firewall, so I am using the u2t gateway.
> Question: I would like to report as a single entity or domain in the stats.
> Is there an accepted way to make this happen? (i.e. a hack to deschall-u2t).

Does this look about right for yesterday's output? :

98 397368 * 2^20 1

Something like this should appear in tomorrow's "new/beta" stats.
I don't know how Rocke's stats handle the u2t gateway information.