OS/2 dialer script?

Stephen Haffly (hafflys@primenet.com)
Sat, 24 May 1997 08:10:05 MST

Does a dialer script exist for the OS/2 client? I am committing my
admittedly paltry AMD 5x86/133 processor to this effort, but since I don't have
more than one phone line or unlimited Internet access, I would appreciate it if
someone has come up with a script to enable automated dialup, update, and
disconnect when the current set of keys is finished processing.

I recently found the site, the project, and the list, so if it has been
convered before, I missed it.

I have choices of IBM's Dial Other Internet Provider, iLink/2, or inJoy
available for dialers. What I would like to do is connect periodically
(preferably when a key set is done), then disconnect. I don't want to remain
constantly connected for the above mentioned reason.


Stephen Haffly
Team OS/2, Team GEOS
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