Re: DESGui

Arvin Meyer (
Sat, 24 May 1997 12:07:40 -0400

> Has anyone noticed a _huge_ performance hit under the DESGui client?
> I tend to get ~850kk/s w/ my K6, but running this last night I was
> getting ~350kk/s - it doesn't really seem worth it, since I can only
> run it about twice as long :)
> Jeff

No, as a matter of fact I see a only 12 second per cycle difference between
running all night (first night) with just deschal5.exe and doing the same
with DESgui 1.3 with everything turned off (blank screen saver). Since
DESgui will reconnect if I get dropped, it actually cracks more keys.

My biggest performance hits are running Access97 and IE3.02. Running them
both gives me a 10 minute hit (about a 28% performance loss).

BTW, I ran a 2 cycle test using the Thread Priority set at maximum. I
showed only a 2 second increase in speed when doing nothing else. It does
slow any other processes to a crawl though if you are using the CPU for
anything else.

Arvin Meyer