Sun Debuts in Top 10

John Falkenthal (john.falkenthal@West.Sun.COM)
Sat, 24 May 1997 14:26:02 -0800 (PDT)

Well, we here at Sun are just getting started, so look for MUCH bigger
numbers down the road. So far, only our San Diego enginnering facility is
participating so there is tremendous upside potential.

The biggest challenges we face are maintaining the interest level (when
people realize the task at hand, and how long it may take, they may lose
interest), and the flaky u2t perl script. We've had at least two types
of u2t failure: the process aborts, which is easy to work around, and
the process and the process getting a bogus reply:

D9A3AA4F9B7B4442 30 at Fri May 23 20:38:41 1997
U2T 14009: got TCP reply: <HTML> at Fri May 23 20:38:42 1997

This has caused our deschall clients to apparently exit (a time out waiting for
keys ?), which results in untold lost cycles.

Lastly, if we had an optimized client for SPARC/Solaris - the numbers would
be truely obscene :-)