Re: DESGui

Randy Weems (
Sat, 24 May 1997 15:26:04 PDT

>Well, switching to the new beta version solved the problem -
>The 1.2 GUI wasn't getting a very high priority for deschal6.exe,
>whereas the new one I can set it to maximum. So, we're back up to
>850kk/s :)

This seems strange. In your original message, it sounded
like your performance was cut approximately in half. Are you
running DESGui AND a seperate instance deschal6.exe in its
own DOS box? This is what it sounds like to me. You need to
just run DESGui. It starts the DES client as a detached child
process (with no console app window). If you're already running
it this way, we need to try to figure what's happening. Can
anyone else with a K6 reproduce this.

Randy Weems

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