Public service announcement!

Christopher Dickens (
Sat, 24 May 1997 18:43:18 -0400 (EDT)

DESChall participants:

I'd like to personally thank Andrew Meggs for his excellent volunteer work
he's provided for the PowerMac community. While we only have a single PPC
client on the network, it may be the one client that receives the winning
key, and without him, I may have not gotten it.

I'd also like to profusely thank Darrell Kindred for his excellent work
combining the DES Challenge code with the Ultra-fast 64-bitslice DES code.
He more than doubled the speed my 2 R10k, 2 R5k, and 3 R4xk processors are
combating the problem.

I also happen to know the frustration of doing volunteer work and getting
nothing but grief for my efforts. Very seldom do people receive their due
respect. To these gentlemen, I extend my gratitude and offer any help
that I may be able to personally offer them in the future with other

Take a bow guys!

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