Fwd: Re: ...Computer "Mine is bigger then yours" Wars...

monster (mnster1@ibm.net)
Sat, 24 May 97 20:41:34 -0700

Hmmm, lets see...

>>On a Compaq Proliant 5000 dual 200mhz PentiumPro we average
>>around 2150
>>seconds for 2^30 keys per processor. Running two instances of
>>client does not seem to affect the run time per client.

> The Linux box next to me, a Hewlett Packard Netserver LH PPro
>200x2 is taking about 2135 seconds. I guess HP hardware is
>better... :)
Gee, i got a Tyan Tomcat III running 2 P5-166's on RedHat 4.1 doing 2 clients getting 2^30 pairs in 2500
sec., not too far off the dual PPros. I built it myself, from scratch.
Guess homebuilt is cheaper and better...

like we say in #os/2:
<Lvmonster> calc mypc
[ OS2bot!os2user@xtian.cdec.polymtl.ca ] mypc = My PC is much faster, more
expensive, and has more disk space than yours. And, my operating system is
FAR superior. And, my.... AGH! MY HEAD! **POP**

nuff said.
crack dis mofo!


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