Re: IRIX R3000 Client Please!

Arvin Meyer (
Sun, 25 May 1997 13:04:27 -0400

Every little bit helps! My little 486DX33 is doing 70k/sec. My 200MHz P5 is
doing over a million/sec. Should I turn off the 486? I think not...It might
just be the one that cracks it.


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> From: Christopher Dickens <>
> To: Craig Nelson <>
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: IRIX R3000 Client Please!

> > I have over 100 Indigos which I can get on this project. Unfortunatly,

> > they have R3000 processors and the compiled IRIX version doesn't
> > them (R4000+ only). Can someone plleeeassee make this client?
> I'm sure Guy wouldn't mind doing it, but you might find their total
> performance is going to be lackluster. Without proper MIPS assembly
> optimizations, we're currently depending on 64-bitslicing methods in C to
> make this fast, and the R3000 isn't 64-bit as far as I know.