Re: Any MMX optimizations in the works?
25 May 1997 17:24:55 -0000

>>Is there any effort at present to code deschal using MMX instructions? I
>>seems to me that they would ideal for doing these integer calculations.
>I've been wondering the same thing. I've also heard that
>the MMX instructions support some 64-bit operations. Could
>bit-slice be implemented using MMX instructions?

actually, it gets better than that.. the MMX can do 8 parallel
add/subtracts/compares at the same time. The latest Microsoft tools can
probably build for these instructions, and there IS an intel released
development environment, but to the best of my knowledge, gcc/gas don't
have mmx support yet, so it would be a little tricky. (assuming anyone's
running something other than windows on their new MMX.)