Re: speed of deschallmac on PMac 7300/200

Barry Nathan (
Sun, 25 May 97 10:59:40 -0700

Duane T Williams <> wrote:

>As a point for comparison, the May 14 version of DESChallMac running on my
>Power Macintosh 7300/200 typically reports 1048k keys/sec when running in
>the foreground with no other activity on the machine. (Note: k in the
>reports = 1000, not 1024).

As another comparison point, I'm running DESChallMac on a PowerTower Pro
225, and it goes at about 1200-1350K keys/sec. However, my PowerMac
6100/60AV goes at only 165-170K keys/sec. (On the 6100/60AV, I increased
the FGRUN from 30 to 240; without the increase, it only goes at 145-155K
keys/sec. The PTP is running with FGRUN at the default 30, however.)

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