Re: Updated stats

Arvin Meyer (
Mon, 26 May 1997 01:51:10 -0400

I agree, and some third level domain address (same first 2 octets as mine)
that is resolving, is showning about 25% less than my logs. Disconcerting,
but what the hell.. I'll just build my own database and track my own stats.
The only problem with that is that it uses some of my CPU cycles.

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> Hi Karl,
> I take it that if my or any IP can't resolve to a Level III domain,
> that it just doesn't appear? Either that or it's just me :) I also see
> from the No-Frames page that my idea wasn't exactly what you had in
> mind after all! I figured as much, and no, it's not surprising! Looks
> great otherwise, except OS=Unknown is still beating me! :)
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