RE: what's this "nice" unix thing? I'm a sysadmin...
Tue, 27 May 97 08:37:10 EST

This attack isn't exactly fair. There are a number of reasons why a system
administrator would appear to be arrogant to an end user. I can think of
several, a difference of opinion with upper management, or the inability of the
administrator to state in layman's terms what good he does for the company, or
simply archaic and restrictive computing policies. Often it's easier to just
brush off a user, than listen to his claims, regardless if they have merit or

I for one, would be extremely wary of forwarding Deschall towards upper
management in most of the jobs I've had. The idea of having to explain that
100% utilization isn't bad, and make them see that it isn't a threat to the
business, or their computers, or their corporate resources doesn't appeal to me
much. The odds are very good that I'll probably get taken aside and spoken to
about the appropriateness of the effort, and the legal risks, and twenty other
issues which they feel need to be stressed.

Trust me, you don't keep a job as a System Administrator if your stupid. You
can get hired, but... If you have to explain to a niceness levels to a system
administrator, and she just nods a lot and shakes her head, close your mouth and
save your breath, nothing you had to say will interest her much.

AOL didn't cut their work-force, they hired lots of new people, check the want
ads in Reston, Va.

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I completely agree wit this.
I'm beginning to think that AOL cut some of it's work force, and they all
became sysadmins.
It seems there are three classes of admins: either very bright, trying
their best (ie will listen to open ideas, and if you explain to them how
niced processed work and such, they will get it, and actually learn), and
then there are the other 82%, who are just plain stupid, or arrogant.