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Nathan D. T. Boyd (boydn@graphics.lcs.mit.edu)
Tue, 27 May 1997 18:08:09 -0400

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*** DES Challenge Proxy Server ***


Just tested it, and seems to be working fine. If you want to PARTICIPATE IN THE DES CHALLENGE (see http://www.frii.com/~rcv/deschall.htm) in a domain OTHER THAN MIT.EDU but want the MACHINE POWER to be CREDITED TO MIT then you can use my server. Just do this on any machine connected to the Internet:

deschall siete.mit.edu

As many people as want to may use this service.

For the curious, you may check progress in /mit/ddaniel/Public/mydesproxy.log. It's in AFS and is an open file, so I'll just have to kill and restart the server occasionally, but anyway, people can see it updating, which should be exciting...we can look at participation this way. (So yes, people will know you've connected to my machine).

Please e-mail me any problems/thoughts at ddaniel@mit.edu.

I thought about the possible prize money involved. Given my effort I thought it would be appropriate to share in remainder of the prize. (Yeah, everybody's gotta take their cut.) So I'm going to propose that if you participate in the challenge using my server, I get $1,000 of the remaining $4,000. Hey, 3k still isn't bad, eh? If anyone strenuously objects based on any reasoned grounds I'll reconsider, but this is my offer for now. Thanks, and let's kick some psu/cmu/uiuc butt, eh?

Break a key, Daniel

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