Re: DESGUI problem with Scan Disk?

James F.Eyrich (
Thu, 29 May 1997 10:35:22 -0500

>I pressed the "Pause" button on DESGUI and, sure enough, ScanDisk runs
>to completion.
>Is anyone else having this problem? Any workarounds? For the moment,
>I have disabled logging and am waiting to see how this works. Perhaps
>DESGUI can buffer the dots (somehow) and only dump them to disk every
>10 minutes or so.

I don't think any changes are needed, you can't run everything.
just suspend scan disk until you stop running desgui, make a choice.
if you have it write to disk every ten minutes it will only help those
people who run scan disk where it finish in ten minutes, what if it takes
11 or more ?
Just don't run scan disk, or have it time out if it can't complete in a
given amount of time.

James F. Eyrich
Hoopeston Area High School
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