Re: DESGUI problem with ScanDisk?
Thu, 29 May 1997 09:00:33 -0700

I have the exact same problem, but its caused by any program that accesses
the disk.
I think there's either a bug with the Win95b version of scan disk or my new
4gig drive is just to large to finish scanning before getting interrupted.
Before this I had 512mb as largest partition. Now I have a 4gig partition.

At 10:54 AM 5/29/97 -0400, you wrote:

>DESGUI (a very nice program, BTW) seems to be causing headaches for
>ScanDisk. We have ScanDisk running from System Agent on a daily basis,
>but it makes no progress and just keeps re-running itself from the
>start. I think the problem is that the log file written by DESCHALL
>is causing ScanDisk to notice that the disk info has changed and
>therefore it restarts. Of course, every time a little dot gets written
>to this file, "things have changed" so ScanDisk never makes any
>I pressed the "Pause" button on DESGUI and, sure enough, ScanDisk runs
>to completion.
>Is anyone else having this problem? Any workarounds? For the moment,
>I have disabled logging and am waiting to see how this works. Perhaps
>DESGUI can buffer the dots (somehow) and only dump them to disk every
>10 minutes or so.
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