Re: DESGUI problem with Scan Disk?

Rick Hornsby (
Thu, 29 May 1997 12:08:19 -0400


At 10.35 05.29.97 -0500, James F.Eyrich had this to say:
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&I don't think any changes are needed, you can't run everything.
&just suspend scan disk until you stop running desgui, make a choice.
&if you have it write to disk every ten minutes it will only help those
&people who run scan disk where it finish in ten minutes, what if it takes
&11 or more ?
&Just don't run scan disk, or have it time out if it can't complete in a
&given amount of time.

Unfortunatley, in some environments, especially multiuser ones, and with
OS's like windoze, it is absolutley nessecary to run a program such as
scandisk regularly to maintain/ensure data integrity. (Defrag programs
would also run into trouble with this open->write->close.) I'm not
familiar enough with c/c++ to know exactly how one could buffer the log
data. But it seems like to buffer all the dots until the end of a block
would be feasable. The GUI has a progress meter, so it isn't nessecary to
check the logs for an indication of current block progress. I specifically
say "buffer all the dots" just in case there are error messages being
generated that you'd want to see without having to wait for a write from
buffer to disk.

If there were a way to send a SIGSTOP/SIGCONT to DESCHALL or the GUI, that
would be great, but unfortunatley we're not dealing with a UN*X environment.

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