Re: DESGUI problem with ScanDisk?

Howard Wilson (
Thu, 29 May 1997 13:15:31 -0500 (CDT)

> DESGUI (a very nice program, BTW) seems to be causing headaches for
> ScanDisk. We have ScanDisk running from System Agent on a daily basis,
> but it makes no progress and just keeps re-running itself from the
> start. I think the problem is that the log file written by DESCHALL
> is causing ScanDisk to notice that the disk info has changed and
> therefore it restarts. Of course, every time a little dot gets written
> to this file, "things have changed" so ScanDisk never makes any
> progress.

It isn't exactly a problem with DESGUI, but DESGUI does have a hand in it
(in this case). It is a "problem" with scandisk, but it isn't a bug, it's
a feature. More on this rather enigmatic statement below...

> I pressed the "Pause" button on DESGUI and, sure enough, ScanDisk runs
> to completion.

On your system, it seems the only thing writing to your drive while
scandisk is running is DESGUI. You are correct above in that if there is
a disk write, scandisk will start over. With a dot every 5 seconds or so
(on my machines, YMMV), scandisk will never get anywhere. The same is true
with defrag, I believe.

> Is anyone else having this problem? Any workarounds? For the moment,
> I have disabled logging and am waiting to see how this works. Perhaps
> DESGUI can buffer the dots (somehow) and only dump them to disk every
> 10 minutes or so.

I don't think buffering the dots is a solution, because it whatever
interval DESGUI writes them, scandisk may still be running. The BEST
solution is to log to another drive from the one you are scanning. If
you only have a C: drive, this would have to be a floppy. The second best
would be to pause DESGUI, as scandisk is rather CPU intensive, you probably
won't get many keys done anyway, so no loss there.

This, of course, assumes you want the logs. If you don't, the solution
is even simpler. Turn it off. B-).


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