Re: DESGUI problem with ScanDisk?

Andrew Sterian (
Thu, 29 May 1997 14:32:39 -0400 (EDT)

Howard Wilson writes...
> It isn't exactly a problem with DESGUI, but DESGUI does have a hand in it
> (in this case). It is a "problem" with scandisk, but it isn't a bug, it's
> a feature. More on this rather enigmatic statement below...

Well...I wouldn't call it a bug in ScanDisk but I sure wish it were a little
more robust. It could either work around files that were being
written-to as it was running or otherwise understand that it is not making
progress and either quit or do something intelligent. Anyways...this is
a ScanDisk problem and I doubt a solution is coming in the next 22 weeks.

> > I pressed the "Pause" button on DESGUI and, sure enough, ScanDisk runs
> > to completion.
> On your system, it seems the only thing writing to your drive while
> scandisk is running is DESGUI.


> I don't think buffering the dots is a solution, because it whatever
> interval DESGUI writes them, scandisk may still be running.

ScanDisk takes about 1 min. to finish scanning about 3G of stuff. So
just keeping the dots in memory for about 10 minutes should do the
trick. Even 30 minutes or so should keep everyone happy. If ScanDisk
takes 30 minutes to do its work, you have big problems.

The really cool-o solution is to have DESGUI detect the presence of
ScanDisk running and pause itself. :-)

> The BEST
> solution is to log to another drive from the one you are scanning. If
> you only have a C: drive, this would have to be a floppy. The second best
> would be to pause DESGUI, as scandisk is rather CPU intensive, you probably
> won't get many keys done anyway, so no loss there.

Unfortunately, DESGUI is running 24h a day and ScanDisk is run from
System Agent (usually at midnight) so I'm not around to intervene. Nor
do I want to :-)

> This, of course, assumes you want the logs. If you don't, the solution
> is even simpler. Turn it off. B-).

That's what I've done :-) Still...I like the logs...

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