Re: Log off, lose progress

andrew meggs (
Fri, 30 May 1997 22:27:59 -0400

At 8:40 PM -0500 5/30/97, Melissa Reid wrote:
>>network code to use Open Transport directly so it can detect the problem
>Um, does this mean that my system with FreePPP won't be able to use the new
>client? Oh, well.

If you're running FreePPP under OT, then you're fine. If you're still using
the old 68k-based MacTCP, then no, you won't be able to upgrade to the
performance enhancements, automatic reconnects, nifty GUI, logfile
generation, and multiprocessor support in the new client which will
hopefully be out by Monday.

OT has been around for nearly as long as PowerMacs, and has been a standard
part of all system software installations and upgrades since 7.5.2. There
are a lot of reasons besides the deschall client to switch to it, like
significantly higher performance, simplified configuration, and (in version
1.1 and higher) greater reliability. There's never been a better time to
replace that obsolete network stack!

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