Re: DESgui v1.3 beta Bug?

Arvin Meyer (
Sat, 31 May 1997 09:14:31 -0400

Normally I would agree...But (ain't there always a but)

This is a multi-booting, 3 drive machine. When I'm in NT, the boot drive is
only used during boot/logon, and the Win95 drive is not used at all. When
in Win95, the NT drive is not used at all. The power management is in the
BIOS, (NT doesn't have native power management, and the Win95 prog is not
used, because it isn't drive specific...its main usefulness is for laptops

I'm not sure this would explain all of the problem anyway, since power
management settings require rebooting to take effect. When I turned the log
off and back on, I didn't reboot until I noticed that the problem wouldn't
go away. If power management were the culprit here, logic would dictate
that turning the log back on would have a the effect of alleviating the
problem. I will try your suggestion and disable power management in CMOS,
but I think something else is going on here. For now, I'll just leave the
log on.

Arvin Meyer

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> From: Justin Dolske <>
> To: Arvin Meyer <>
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> Subject: Re: DESgui v1.3 beta Bug?
> Date: Saturday, May 31, 1997 12:58 AM
> On Fri, 30 May 1997, Arvin Meyer wrote:
> > I decided that I didn't need to keep a log, mainly because I wasn't
> > particularly thrilled with it writing to my drive every few seconds. I
> > a Pentium 200 with 64 Mb so my HD will often go to sleep for 10
minutes at
> > a time (nice power management).
> I would guess that the client appears to slow down because you've got
> power management stuff running -- it notices noone is using any
> periphials, and so it powers down the drive and slows down the CPU.
> Personally, I'd ditch the drive power management stuff. It's almost
> certainly better for a drive to run in a constant state, than constantly
> be spun up and down.
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