Re: Log off, lose progress

Dakidd (
Sat, 31 May 1997 13:07:15 -0400

>At 12:38 PM -0400 5/31/97, Dakidd wrote:
>>So does this mean that my 68030 IIci running System 7.5.5, OT 1.1, and
>>FreePPP 2.5v2 is finally going to be able to do more than one block at a
>>time without blowing up because of the timeout?
>No, the update still applies to PowerMacs only. If 68k users really, really
>want the update, you can put together a C file with stub functions for
>every call in the multiprocessing API so I can recompile the code for 68k
>and then actually be able to link it.

Assuming you're going to supply me with all the pertinent information
needed to do so, you're on. Remember, dude, I'm a "starving artist" stuck
with a IIci, not somebody with the $$ to run right out and grab a flock of
those 9600 MPs you're coding for. I'm curious... How many of those are
_realistically_ expected to participate, anyway? Not a slam, just an "I
wonder" based on the fact that I keep hearing the same thing from all
directions: "I ordered my 9600 MP the other day. They tell me it's going to
be at least 8 weeks on backorder"

For the third time (Second if you only count publically visible offers) I
make the offer to meet halfway. Will it amount to anything this time?

Watching my mailbox...

>I'm concerned about having the PowerMac client's release date pushed back
>any more by this, though.

So release this one, and if/when I get the stubs put together, release one
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