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Dave Zarzycki (
Sat, 31 May 97 14:15:44 -0700

>am I missing it or is hoopeston.k12-il-us not listed in the level 3 domain
>list ?

Well, with the names that your reverse DNS servers yield, it it no
surprise. Technically, hoopeston.k12-il-us is not a valid domain name and
should be The difference is that hoopeston.k12-il-us
is broken because of the dashes.

Besides, once this is fixed, the Level III statistics should show, and the level II would show Your school is a *forth*
level domain... (Sniff... ;-)

I have a remotely similar problem with many of the machines
that I have set up.

intranet yields: --->
internet yields: --->

Because of this setup, most hosts are lost in the level three
statistics because they do not share a common level three domain on the
outside world.

Dave Zarzycki

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