Re: Question: Problem with OS/2 Client

Milton Forte II (
Mon, 02 Jun 97 12:27:42 -0400

In <>, on 06/02/97
at 09:23 AM, rksmith@OSURF400.RF.OHIO-STATE.EDU said:

>Last Thursday I posted a note to the OS/2 ISP Mailing List about our effort
>since there was a posting for the Sollen group. I have received several
>reports of problems. Since I am not sure who to let know I am posting this
>here. At the bottom of this note I am including all of the posts. Some of
>the people are getting trap errors. Any help for them would be appricated.

I have been running DESCHAL4.EXE on IBM/Cyrix P166+ w/ 64mb, OS/2 v4, w/
fixpack 1 for months with no problems.


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