NT Laptop Speed, powerdown features

Mon, 02 Jun 1997 16:49:47 -0400

I just recently got the software, and have been running it on my p120
desktop (win95) as often as i can. I also am able to use a p120 NT laptop,
but for some reason, i am getting around 240,000 keys per sec on the
laptop, and close to 580,000 keys/sec on the desktop. If anyone has any
hints as to speeding thing up on the laptop, please drop me a mail.

Toshiba Satellite pro 420CDT - WinNT 3.51

The laptop also has a wonderful feature that makes the thing shut down
after a while - when i am not home, it shuts down, and stops crunching
keys. If anyone knows how to stop this, i would really appreciate it.

time to see if i can grab a p180 for the week :)