Re: hello, whereFore [art thou] Apple.COM

Dave Zarzycki (
Mon, 2 Jun 97 19:25:12 -0700

>Did the word come down from the top that this isnt a good thing? Mebbe
>me blind but I cant see them in the stats for yesterday...
>Sun.COM will be the ONLY thing standing in uPowered's non.EDU way!!

Most of the crunching power comes from my section here at Apple.
Unfortunately our building experienced a power outage over the weekend.
Besides, I prefer to have a life and not baby machines to make sure they
are up.

Don't get you hopes up to high... Wait a few days for our statistics to
level out again. Remember this is a spare time activity... Don't make me
look for machines. ;-)


P.S. Claris is owned by Apple. Try adding our numbers together. When
you're done, add the 17.* machines too. Apple owns them too.

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