Re: hello, whereFore Apple.COM

seth (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 03:19:45 -0700

errrr... I suggest you stop and think what took place over the weekend.
There was some sort of server clog. The Mac clients stop when they can't
report their findings to the server and don't grab anymore keys to check
until the app is restarted. When I got to work this morning (monday),
all of the units I had left working on it over the weekend were stopped.

While I am writing on the topic of the Mac Client, I would have to say
that in spite of the previously-noted disadvantage built into the Mac
Client, the new version is leaps and bounds better than the older one.

I would also like to remind Mac contributors that Motorola has an
extension that promises to speed math processes on PPC hardware. You can
download this extension from: