Re: hello, whereFore Apple.COM

Scott M. Hinnrichs (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 05:33:29 -0700

At 3:19 AM -0700 6/2/97, seth wrote:
>errrr... I suggest you stop and think what took place over the weekend.
>There was some sort of server clog. The Mac clients stop when they can't
>report their findings to the server and don't grab anymore keys to check
>until the app is restarted. When I got to work this morning (monday),
>all of the units I had left working on it over the weekend were stopped.

All my Mac's restarted about the same time as my UNIX clients. They were
waiting for a response from the Keyserver and all restarted when they got
You don't have to reboot/restart the client. In fact if you do that the
client will never get to report the results from the last run.

You probably just timed restarting the clients when the keyserver came back
around 10:15 Monday morning. It had only been out for three hours, not all