John Falkenthal (jcf@jcf.West.Sun.COM)
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 10:41:00 -0700 (PDT)

> From: andrew meggs <insect@Antennahead.COM>
> Subject: Re:
> ...and I went and looked at the stats page and noticed that yes, SGI was
> missing, but Microsoft was every bit as absent. Can you shed some light?

I have no information about an effort underway at Micro$oft. SGI on the
otherhand... :-) SGI is well ahead of deschall in terms of keyspace
searched, but they are not sustaining the same search rate as deschall - which
suggests they had a healthy head-start... To be honest, I don't know how
"serious" the effort is within SGI - my guess is its not too serious. I
apologize if my use of the word "serious" got everyone in deschall on the
defensive. They are running on everything from low-end desktops up to the
T90 and T3E. Any SGI'ers care to comment further?

One other thing - I had made earlier comments about not wanting to see this
thing cracked on Bloatware 95; Linux and OS/2 are a different story
altogether. I run Linux @ home - in fact, check the deschall stats and
you'll see "" listed somewhere down in the 500 range - that's me
at home, on my lowly K5-133 running Linux !!