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Garance A Drosehn (
Tue, 3 Jun 97 14:38:06 -0400

seth <> wrote:
> errrr... I suggest you stop and think what took place over the
> weekend. There was some sort of server clog. The Mac clients
> stop when they can't report their findings to the server and
> don't grab anymore keys to check until the app is restarted. When
> I got to work this morning (monday), all of the units I had left
> working on it over the weekend were stopped.

Well, for one we already have heard from someone at Apple as to
why they dropped off of the stats for the weekend. It had nothing
to do with the deschall server problems.

However, I'm responding just to point out that the Mac client
started right up again once the server was available, just like
the unix clients did. As I recall, there is some problem with the
mac client if the entire network connection is gone (such as happens
when a PPP link is disconnected), but that was not the problem over
the weekend. If your Macs were on telnet connections, you did not
need to restart any Mac clients for them to start working again.

> While I am writing on the topic of the Mac Client, I would have
> to say that in spite of the previously-noted disadvantage built
> into the Mac Client, the new version is leaps and bounds better
> than the older one.
> I would also like to remind Mac contributors that Motorola has
> an extension that promises to speed math processes on PPC hardware.

I must admit I'm a bit leary of trying this extension while working
on the deschall client... :-)

(not that I think there's anything wrong, but if there *was* anything
wrong then I'd hate to think my Mac could miss out on getting the
winning key! :-). Just mark me as very paranoid on this one. I
wouldn't be as paranoid if we were working on something that could
be broken in a week or so.

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