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Don Pushies (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:18:24 -0500

>>I would also like to remind Mac contributors that Motorola has an
>>extension that promises to speed math processes on PPC hardware. You can
>>download this extension from:
>The libmoto extension will probably have no effect on Andrew's excellent
>hand-tuned assembly language routines if he doesn't call library-based math
>functions. Libmoto intercepts calls to sin, exp, cos, pow, log, atan,
>log10, atan2, and sqrt. The developer-end library also improves the
>performance of certain string operations. You may see improvements in
>other areas of machine performance, though I suspect its effect on the Mac
>client will be slim to none. Anyone tested it?

Yes. Today I tested both MathLibMoto 1.0.1 and LibMotoSh 1.0 . I did not
see a detectable difference.
My max is 209k per/sec with or without the Math Libraries.

7200/75 Sys 7.5.5 OT1.1.2 256k/L2 32M PPP connection with minimal
system for dial-up.

Don Pushies
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