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andrew meggs (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 16:42:30 -0400

At 2:38 PM -0400 6/3/97, Garance A Drosehn wrote:
>seth <> wrote:
>> I would also like to remind Mac contributors that Motorola has
>> an extension that promises to speed math processes on PPC hardware.
>I must admit I'm a bit leary of trying this extension while working
>on the deschall client... :-)

First of all, it only affects standard math library functions, like sines,
cosines, raising a number to a power, etc., none of which are used by
the deschall client.

Second, it's been installed on my machines since around 1995, so if this
were an issue, which it isn't, the client has been validated much more
thoroughly on machines running Motorola's PPC math library than on machines
running Apple's PPC math library. To put this as nicely as possible,
ignoring any speed considerations I have "even more" confidence in the
quality of Motorola's code than I do in Apple's.

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