deschal questions

Randy Austin (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 17:57:32 -0400

several items that I have ran across in the past couple of days since
I accidently ran across this conglomeration of idle computers.

1) the deschal client keeps giving me the following error message:

| Processor 1 -- Key not found
| 'nvalid msg: '

And then it exits. This means that when this occurs no more processing
can happen. At first it would only happen several hours after I had
started the clients up. Right now between enabling DEBUG on the perl
script and doing some manual HTTP requests, I am getting a connection
refused message from the deshall-gateway.

I do think that things need to be more forgiving in the case of errors
through the U2T script.

2) DESGui seems to have some bugs in it. though I am running 1.3beta3.
It is crashing windows (NT4.0) if DESChal is misbehaving (especially
when I tried to run deschal in a BAT file so that it would try and
restart itself if an error occurred (since DESGui does not do this)).
Also, when working on a dual processor system, DESGui does not allow
for multiple executions at a time. Which means that I still have to
run trayminimizer to get the other process going. (any chance of there
ever being smp support within deschal? since the output does indicate
that multiple processors was at least thought of in the design.)

3) The alpha client that was uploaded yesterday seems 50-60% faster
than the one before. How much of that code is in assembly language?
And is there a Windows NT Alpha client being worked on? (hopefully the
middle of next week I will have one at home. It would be nice if I
could work on stuff like this at work. As it is I am pushing my luck
trying to run the client on my computer here at work. If I wasn't
having problems with the U2T gateway I could be doing at least 6-7
Million keys a second across 7 CPU's all weekend long.)

4) in the log file some hosts show up as anonymousxx.anonymous.
changing the anonymous flag in the perl script only switches between
the domain showing up and it being added to the deschallenge gateways.
so how is anonymousxx.anonymous generated? (I figured that much out
because I looked at the two statistics reports and noticed that no new
anonymousxx hosts where added)

oh well. Looking at the time it is time for me to head out and do
other things. I'll get back to this on Monday's lunch break.

--Randy Austin

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