Re: gateway down?

C Matthew Curtin (
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 01:52:59 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "kc" == Eating Before Swimming <> writes:

kc> I tried u2t at a number of different sites (just to make sure I
kc> havent been denied access at the firewall or something, tho I
kc> expect that if you had to lock someone out you'd let them know...)
kc> and it seems that the gateway, at least the one set as default in
kc> u2t, is DOWN, so none of my clients can get any keys... (and, I
kc> suspect, neither can

A timeout on your gateway should have resulted in another attempt on
another one of the gateways. A timeout there should have resulted in
another attempt on the third gateway.

This should have allowed things to continue to get out, though there
might have been a fair bit of delay during the outage at OSU (two
gateways are there) if those were the first two addresses that your
gateway tried. The third at was in service all day

(Though we're using one name,, there
are three hosts answering to that name. This makes things easier
administratively, gives us better load balancing, and better failover
then trying to manage each individually.)

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