New Clients and a key timeout question
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 12:32:24 -0400 (EDT)


First, WOW. the clients keep getting faster and faster. the first 64bit
bitslice client on my 166mhz EV4 21066A Alpha (Dec Multia) brought the
crunch rate up from ~200kk/sec to 540kk/sec.. I just got the new one and
it's hauling along at ~940kk/sec ! jeeeeeez. never knew this little box
could do THAT much work. the new 32bit bitslicing client on my sparc1 is
also doubled my key rate to a (whopping? hah) 55kk/sec.. not much, but at
least it's doing 2*2**27 keys per block instead of being locked down at
2*2**26. the Graph-O-Matic shows me a big hefty spike just from changing
the client on the sparc1 last night, i can't wait to see the one from the
new alpha client.

(tangent question: any ETA on 32bit bitslice for 486 class linux/freebsd
boxen? i've got two 5x86/133's (linux and freebsd) and another tiny 486/33
crunching away at a pitiful rate.. be nice to help them out just a tiny
bit. likewise, a faster 68040 NextStep client would be nice..)

Anyway, the changing of the clients brings up the age old question that I
can't find in the FAQ... how long does it take the keyserver to recover
from the loss of the keyblock i was working on when the client died off?
does the new client have a graceful SIGHUP yet? i hate to lose even one
half keyblock worth of cpu work.

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