Using New Macintosh Client via PPP

Lee Larson (
Sat, 7 Jun 97 13:23:30 -0400

I've been testing a beta version of the new Macintosh client for several
weeks now, and have played with several variations to keep it going over
a PPP connection on different machines. Here's the simplest solution I've

(1) Set your PPP so that a client can initiate connections. This setting
is in the PPP control panel. With this setting, the DES client can
initiate a PPP connection when it needs a new batch of keys. The annoying
part of this is that when the Mac is re-bonged, it also wants to initiate
PPP. I can live with this because I rarely restart my Macs.

(2) Get a little program called PPPop from the usual sources, or my ftp
site at


This is a program which sits in the background watching a PPP connection.
You can set it to cleanly kill a PPP connection after a certain maximum

(3) Set PPPop to kill the PPP connection after 1 minute. This is usually
plenty of time for the client to get a new batch of keys. If it doesn't
get a batch of keys before the timeout, it will just initiate another
connection, which repeats the whole process.

The advantage of using PPPop is that it cleanly kills the PPP connection
without the long lasting (and key killing) dialogs from the PPP control

I've been running this way on my machine at home for over a week and
don't have any show-stopping problems with it.

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